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[19 Feb 2007|01:57pm]


Please join as we need members.

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[17 Sep 2004|03:41pm]


i was wondering if anybody knew of a place where you could buy shoes like nick's in the flag poster ( shown here ) i've looked for them but can't find anything like them.

any help would be appreciated :)

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x-posted [17 Aug 2004|02:46pm]

W W J D?

what would JULES do?
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[28 Nov 2003|08:24pm]


[03 Nov 2003|04:34pm]
alright here's the deal. extra ticket for the Grand Prairie/Dallas show of The Strokes/Kings of Leon

i'm selling this ticket for a friend so...if you're interested, comment. Thanks.

- )ess
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2 STROKES Tickets for TONITES SHOW FOR SALE [23 Oct 2003|04:26pm]

I have 2 Tickets for the Strokes Show tonite at the Shrine. Although the show isnt sold out yet.. these tickets are far better than those on ticketmaster or at the box office.
2 Orchestra Row 14 Seats 14 & 16 Tickets

Asking Price: $100 for the pair

get in contact with me ASAP... the show is in about 4 hours. email me at ivettebio@hotmail.com or AIM @ dlioness7
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word. [15 Jul 2003|01:20am]

[ mood | restless ]

name = carrie. i'm here due to my dedication to the band the strokes. in my opinion, their music is fantastique. so that is all for now. the strokes are mad coool. payyyce.

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GO VOTE!!!! [06 Jul 2003|12:24am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]


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sign this petition... [21 Apr 2003|09:20pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Wouldn't you like to see the strokes make out in public?
Just sign this petition ... and we can make it happen.


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[21 Apr 2003|02:39pm]

[ mood | full ]

i don't have a decal for my car. i don't intend to get one either. well, apparently i left my lights and they made a fucking announcement over the PA. "there is a light blue....blah blah blah" so great,i think im busted. they're gonna know i don't have a decal, they're gonna boot my car or call my dad. whatever, so i'm paranoid as shit. i'm sitting in 4th block and i get called down to the principals office. this is rare because i just don't get called down to the principals office. our principal always tells me that i have pretty hair, he loves me. so i get to the office and first they send me to the 10th grade principal. i've already made a big lie as to why i don't have a decal and it's perfect. after waiting forever, i finally get to talk to the 10th grade principal. i was called down to the office because i got a fucking referral because i wasn't on the absence list. my fucking punk ass history teacher wrote me up before i even had the oppurtunity to show her my note. all that making up stories for nothing.

spring break would've been so much better if we didn't have to come back. english was a waste, we read articles about russian orphans. during 2A, chris tried to encourage me to shoot myself and asked me if he could curb-stomp me. such lovely friends, then i was looking at magazines in the art room and i stole a september 1994 issue of vogue. it's all cut up but i love it to pieces. history was a waste, we learned about civils rights and i totally rocked an alabama literacy test. she never gives me extra credit stamps when i rightfully deserve them. i hate that woman. journalism had to be the biggest waste of 90 minutes. we sat around and talked about censorship and how fucked up our generation is. she said how none of the kids in our generation use our imagination and that we have things that use our imagination for us. i dunno, after awhile i stopped listening to her and started to see how long it would take for my highlighter to run out of ink. all in all, i could've been doing other things than discussing why 7 year old kids shouldn't see harry potter. bloody hell.

my car squeaks.

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the player is disguised as the lover [13 Apr 2003|12:38am]

[ mood | confused ]

i realized at work last night, how intense my obsession is for washing my hands. i fucking wash my hands every chance i get. ive got my routine down. i run the hot ass water, get soap, totally lather my hands and rinse, then i dash cold water on them. its fucking weird as shit. oh wait, im just weird as shit.

man, i really need to stop drinking coffee. i went to starbucks today. and i had 2 cups of coffee like 20 minutes ago. i get so antsy and wired. like i cant stop shaking and im all jittery and wide-eyed. im addicted to coffee. any type, ill drink it. and i even drink coffee before i go to school now, and when i dont drink it, its like i have headaches and im all jumpy in a bad-mood. that shit aint cool.

so i was watching this thing called i love the 80s and there was this guy from some tv show that kept cracking mad jokes on the things that they were talking about. omg, i couldnt stop laughing. i totally wanted him but he was all like a grown up and stuff. hahaha older dudes rule. but anyway, they talked about tetris and cops. by far, the best things to come out of the 80s. i remember some time last year, we all got stoned and went to alexs house and played all of teds video games. and i couldnt stop playing tetris, and everytime i would switch of with that girl morgan, i would play longer and i would win. and cops. omg, i remember when i was really little, my mom and i used to watch it. like every night, what a weird family viewing bonding show. and i remember watching cops at evas house and she fell asleep on the toilet!!!!! oh the fucking memories.

i need to work on my persuasive speech this week. my parents are going to new jersey on tuesday to thursday. i have to deal with my brothers and their friends. there are always a bunch of dudes in my house. today, my mom was at work and my dad was home and my brother and all of his friends were in the garage and i had to iron my clothes, so they went inside and crowded around the computer. then i go in the living room where my other brother and his little friends are playing playstation. so i go in my room and i walk out and and theyre all in the hallway. too many dudes. lexie said my older little brother looks like jack osbourne. and he totally does. theyre both fat with curly tops and glasses and a bunch of camy clothes. and she said, omg youre kelly osbourne because you guys have the same hair. everyone knows im a closet kelly osbourne fan.

so i lost my class ring. its in my room somewhere. i lost my ATM card. its definitely in my car somewhere. i almost lost my life. i saw some kid from my school and waved to him, and almost had a near-death experience and almost head-on collision. im definitely losing my mind from losing all my shit. and i forgot to buy shampoo. goddamnit.

there is something going on in my head. i cant stop thinking about it. its weird. i dont like it. and its not anything new. something that ive been thinking about for like 8 months now. it gets intense. i think its the worst thing ever. i think it would be beautiful. i think it would be a disaster. i think it would be perfection. one day, im gonna stop thinking.

therapy with brandy.

the game of who needs who the worst,
<3 steph

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SORRY! [05 Mar 2003|03:37pm]

i definitely didnt mean to post my personal journal in there. i cant fucking delete it. i suck.
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may i have this dance? can i get in your pants? [05 Mar 2003|03:03pm]

[ mood | bored ]

SOLs are an unbelieveable amount of bullshit. ryan said it best. "this essay forces you to write in 1st person, only the best essays are written in 3rd person." very true. but anyway toni got her wisdom teeth pulled today. im supposed to go visit her. but i lack transportation. but i always find a ride, because im the shit. muahaha.

rachel and i got intense with our index-card shit talking. and then we drew pictures of our ringdance dresses. and i tried to draw teeth for a card for toni but i dont know how. teeth are hard to draw, even nick tried. oh well. why is it that the day i dont bring my coloring book i have a massive amount of time to color. i even had my fashion barbie crayons. they are the shit.

so anyway.random: on my birthday in boston, bright eyes is playing at a place called the roxy. i think im meant to be at that show. but then again, ladytron is playing a show at irving plaza in new york city, also on my birthday. maybe im just ultra lame or something, but i think itd be so cool to watch a band play a song called seventeen on your 17th birthday. but what do i know? if i could be in new york for my birthday, that'd be the shit. because the next day, bright eyes is playing at irving plaza. if only, if only. i know im just gonna be at the purple cow. lol

ryan is funny as shit.

HollowayDotCom (3:17:14 PM): maybe ill drive u around when i get my car
HollowayDotCom (3:17:18 PM): since im in your profile now
HollowayDotCom (3:17:22 PM): fair trade right?
glamour nerd (3:17:24 PM): woohoo!!
glamour nerd (3:17:32 PM): yes
glamour nerd (3:18:22 PM): and when i get a car, we can take turns driving each other around since youre giving me a belt
HollowayDotCom (3:18:29 PM): woohoo
HollowayDotCom (3:18:36 PM): what if i give u2 belts?
glamour nerd (3:18:57 PM): then id drive you around and bake you cookies
glamour nerd (3:18:57 PM): haha
HollowayDotCom (3:19:06 PM): whoa
HollowayDotCom (3:19:07 PM): nice
HollowayDotCom (3:19:09 PM): i love cookies
glamour nerd (3:19:15 PM): im intense with baking cookies
HollowayDotCom (3:19:16 PM): can they be chocolate chip?
glamour nerd (3:19:22 PM): sure, i can take requests
HollowayDotCom (3:19:27 PM): ok because i dont want that peanut butter shit
glamour nerd (3:21:08 PM): but peanut butter is the shit
HollowayDotCom (3:21:14 PM): correction
HollowayDotCom (3:21:17 PM): peanut butter is shit
glamour nerd (3:23:42 PM): do you like ginger ale?
HollowayDotCom (3:23:53 PM): ginger ale owns
glamour nerd (3:24:14 PM): fuck yea ginger ale owns, and only now did i discover how good it was
HollowayDotCom (3:24:24 PM): seems like a waste of life
HollowayDotCom (3:24:27 PM): not knowing about ginger ale until now
glamour nerd (3:24:33 PM): it definitely was
HollowayDotCom (3:24:37 PM): yeah
glamour nerd (3:24:40 PM): i didnt know how much i was missing out
HollowayDotCom (3:24:56 PM): dont worry ive missed out on alot more than you have but atleast i knew about ginger ale
glamour nerd (3:25:05 PM): hahaha

thats my convo-drop for the day. ok, im off to go waste my life away in my room and watch "six feet under". new season, im so excited!

they only want you when youre seventeen,
<3 steph

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Matt Romano deserves raise! [31 Jan 2003|11:15pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I supremedork, have desided that Mr. Matt Romano/Mateo Romano/Billis/Wild Bill deserves a raise. He does a lot of things for the boys for just being their simple "drum tech." He does a lot of things for the fans also. Not only is he a drum tech but he manages the Alone, Together fan club, replys to fans emails and he is a very nice guy. I will not get a wink of sleep, until this is done. So if you agree with me on this, please sign my petition.

Thank you,
out to save lives...


psstt... Matt had absolutely NOTHING to do with this...

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a conversation with a fellow the strokes fan [20 Jan 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | content ]

i was talking to my friend marcos on the net yesterday and i suggested that he go to the strokes' site 'cause he had never been. so he went and...

marcos: the tv's broken
me: the picture'll pop up soon
me: the last time i was there it was a kid's drawing i think
marcos: there's cowboys
marcos: two handsome cowboys

just thought i'd share for your literary pleasure.

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disappointment [08 Jan 2003|09:26pm]
[ mood | lick-y ]

have you ever shown (through audio) a friend the strokes and have them spit on your face, not literally of course. it happened to me a few weeks ago. my heart was broken.

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Sir Matt Romano deserves a raise! [08 Jan 2003|08:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, so I supremedork, have desided that Mr. Matt Romano/Mateo Romano/Billis/Wild Bill deserves a raise. He does a lot of things for the boys for just being their simple "drum tech." I will not get a wink of sleep, until this is done. So if you agree with me on this, please reply to this post with your name included, thank you...

out to save lives...

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[07 Jan 2003|06:12pm]
[ mood | fine ]

i live in southern california and on sunday i went to a town called julian in the mountains. well, first i went to a town called pine valley. and in pine valley there is a green reflective large traffic sign that says "julian 25" and maybe it had an arrow on it pointing left. i forgot. as soon as i saw it i thought "i wish i had the balls and time to steal that." i think that'd be a great gift for julian's upcoming 25th birthday. it was gorgeous.

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[03 Dec 2002|11:32pm]
[ mood | silly ]

hello. i don't know how to start this. hmm. this question is not very important but whatever. on someday, there's a part of the song that is like a bass and drum (i think) solo type-thing. right before one of the guitars starts up again there's some voices/a voice saying something very faintly. i usually don't hear it unless i'm listening through headphones. it's at about one minute and forty-seven seconds into the song. i first heard it a while back but i heard it again today and was curious. does anyone else hear that (i'm sure SOMEONE does) and does anyone know what it says?

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[02 Dec 2002|09:15am]
"new" tour news. no new photos.
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